Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/3/2010- Assorted Curries Bento

More Curry! This was stuff that was sitting in the freezer. The rice is fresh though...
Contents of Bento: Potato and pea curry, carrots, kala chana masala with takuan star, broccoli-red onion-red bell pepper stirfry with green Thai curry. In side car: basmati rice, takuan star stuck to lettuce circle (for contrast!).

The star on the rice is "glued" down with a little dab of yogurt (which is what was handy.) I hope it doesn't taste too weird with the takuan. The stir-fry is also fresh made. I always steam the broccoli in the microwave and just throw it in in the last minute. I never can cook broccoli in a sautee without it getting kinda washed out and terrible looking.

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